Marjorie Morrow-Nolan is a household name when it comes to cooking and she promises to take the mystery out of cooking for those with even the greatest cookery phobia.

Marjories kitchen tea leaf readingMany people see recipes in books and magazines and never get around to putting the spoon in the bowl, others may try out the recipes but find the end result never quite works out, while others consider cooking a task that is too scary to think about.

Marjorie holds cookery classes in her own kitchen in Brigown Bed and Breakfast.  Within this intimate setting, whether you’re a beginner or expert, you will be taught to create and present the most delicious food you ever thought possible.

If you are a person who is sure you just can’t cook, then let Marjorie delight you … by proving you wrong!

Cookery Class with MarjorieDelivering cookery courses and cookery demonstrations that are practical and achievable, she incorporates fresh, natural and local ingredients with interesting and creative ideas to create unrivaled pleasure for the taste buds.  Freshness and quality are vital in ensuring top class results, and Marjorie covers all aspects of cooking to include in your daily menu. She will also get your creative juices flowing, helping you come up with your own creations.

Marjorie offers courses based on different themes and occasions, and caters for many different groups including those with special dietary requirements and vegetarians.  Our courses will fill up fast, so to be sure of securing your place contact Marjorie NOW!